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Whether you are at work, heading out of town for a couple of days, or are planning an extended vacation, Dogs for Days is here for you and your pet.


 Unique & Personalized Care • While-You’re-Away Services
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Dogs for Days LLC is a dog walking and pet sitting service owned and operated by myself, Nick Govatsos. I strive to provide an excellent level of service when it comes to handling your dog(s). I have worked with dogs for several years and am very experienced in dealing with many types of problems that can arise when handling dogs. I have two of my own and have had dogs throughout my entire life so I have had a large amount of experience in helping to train dogs. I have always felt an immense connection with dogs and love each and every one for whom they are. Whether you have a big, little, confident, skittish, independent, or even wildly crazy dog, Dogs for Days LLC is the service for you. 




Phone: 603.401.4166


Facebook: Dogs for Days

Instagram: nicks_dogsfordays


I provide three services: short let-outs, walks, and overnight “home environment” pet sitting.

The let-outs are 10-15 minute short walks, generally for the older dogs that can’t have a long walk. The let-outs are also great if you just need me to stop by and fill the water bowl, food bowl, etc.

The walks are 30-45 minute walks and, depending on your dog’s tolerance for other dogs, they are usually walked with my two dogs or other dogs I may also be walking in your area.

The pet sitting involves your furry pal staying at my incredibly dog-friendly house with my two dogs and me. I have a fenced in back yard with all kinds of toys, dogs beds, and all types of fun stuff for the dogs to do. I also take my pet sitting crew on adventures, hikes, to the woods, etc.

To sum it all up, I treat all my clients’ dogs as if they were my own. Their happiness and safety are my top priorities.

*Disclaimer* Here at Dogs for Days LLC, I have many chew toys to keep the dogs happy and occupied (including, but not limited to, toys such as Nylabones, bully horns, etc) and cannot be held responsible for possible dental issues caused from excessive chewing. Please let me know in advance if your dog has potential self-control issues with chewing and some toys can be withheld during your dog's stay with me.



“I am so impressed by the love Nick gives to all of his four legged friends. The top notch dedication and care for each if his client’s pets is second to none! What a find!”
— Paula M.

“I walked dogs with Nick in the Boston area, and when I left to pursue my own endeavor I felt very confident in my decision to pass down my long list of loyal clients to him. Although my dog sitting clients were sad to lose me I made sure they were just as comfortable with this transition, by giving Nick the shining review that he deserves. On occasion I still hear from my clients, thanking me for Nick!! He is trustworthy, reliable, and will always ensure that your dog is happy and having fun.”
— Curtis M.

“I’ve known Nick for a long time now and his love for dogs is infinite in every way. He loves each and every one as if they were his own and it’s really quite a sight to see a group of dogs follow him around everywhere with just as much love.”
— Karen S.

“Nick’s Dogs for Days is the number one place for dog sitting and care. Nick’s passion for dogs and the care of dogs is second to none.”
— Andrew G.


Call 603.401.4166 from 8am–8pm daily, or email with inquiries.

Questions regarding services and rates? Please fill out the form below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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