Nick and Michelle - About Dogs for Days


Dogs for days has both indoor and outdoor space for your fur babies to enjoy a bit of sun and fresh air. This is not a kennel! We are a cage-free environment so that your dog can feel as comfortable and at home as possible. If your dog specifically prefers to sleep in a crate we can accommodate if needed. We make sure to staff our facility with knowledgeable professionals and clean daily to keep all the dogs safe and happy. We are open 24 hours and are available at any time in case of emergency.

Nick and Michelle - About Dogs for DaysThe story of Nick and Michelle is not your typical “boy meets girl” story but more of a “boy meets dog” story that turned into something much more. Nick first met Michelle when she was walking her 8-week old yellow lab, Cillian, in a baby stroller. This being the most adorable thing ever, Nick had to say, “hello,” and extend his services to walk her dog. After having Michelle as a client for a while, they shared their life-long dreams of working with dogs forever and owning a doggie daycare someday and became business partners. Some months down the line, the love bug struck and the two became inseparable. After proposing, nick and Michelle now became life partners and set forth to achieve our dreams together, forever. After 18 months of trials, tribulations, failure, and ultimate success they finally found their place in Malden where their dreams could become a reality. Here we are at the end of that storytelling you about our wonderful facility where dogs can be themselves while feeling right at home with dogs for days.


Nick has two passions: skateboarding and dogs. Nick has always loved dogs, having them his entire life. Michelle insists that he was indeed a dog in his last life. His first pet-sitting job was when he was a young teenager taking care of his neighbor’s puppies each time they would have a new litter and it’s been in his blood ever since. His first career was professional skateboarding, taking him to California for several years to pursue his dreams. After deciding it was time to follow his true calling, he set out to work with dogs any way he could. It started with working for a daycare company, then taking in pet sitting clients of his own which led to learning many lessons about dogs, reading books on dog psychology, and studying everything there was to know about how dogs interact with one another. All of this ultimately led to the creation of Dogs for Days and the rest is history. Now Nick gets to do what he loves day in and day out.

Michelle has had dogs since as long as she can remember, all the way back to her first dog: a miniature poodle named Prince Puff n’ Stuff. Since then she’s had a golden retriever, border collie, a couple shelter dogs, and 2 labs. Needless to say, she definitely knows how to interact with all types of dog. She graduated from G.W. Medical School to start a very successful career in cancer research. This led Michelle to travel the world trying to make it a better place which is a show of her true character of someone you’d absolutely want to handle your fur baby. She cares more about others and their dogs than herself and would do anything to ensure safety and happiness. Michelle is a true California girl at heart loving kayaking, hiking, and almost any other activity under the sun. Her lifelong dream has been to create a place where dogs and people can coexist in perfect harmony to eat, drink, and play together. The Dogs for Days daycare facility is just the beginning of a wonderful future she has planned for you and your fur babies.